Big Congrats to Pro Staff Members Mark Cerja Jr and Miller Hill for qualifying to fish states!! 💪
Pro Staff Members Mark Cerja Jr and Miller Hill
“Mark and Miller fished through pouring rain yesterday to finish in 19th place out of 290 teams. This regional event was hosted by Texas High School Bass Association. With this 19th place finish the boys qualified for states.
In practice the boys caught bedding fish with Venom 3.25 inch white terror craws. When the fish just picked them up by the claws the boys would trim them down. The mini claws still had the kick to drive the bass into biting.
It rained hard all tournament day so the boys blind casted drop shot super dos to bedding areas. Mark battled a 6.85 giant for over 5 minutes on light spinning gear with only an 8 pound leader. This big girl couldn't pass on a green pumpkin super do. What a rush for all 3 of us during the battle and finally getting her in the boat. It will be a lifetime memory.
We were again fishing right behind another team. It was our starting spot. We saw the same team there in practice. Their boat captain-coach came over to us after the catch. He was excited for our boys. He literally said you caught that fish right after we casted there. We gave a few Venom baits to some buddies during practice but on tournament day we just couldn't share.
Thank you for your support, Venom baits are clutch!”
-Mark Cerja Sr

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