Ashton Chase
Ashton Chase, a longtime Venom Lures enthusiast, made 15 Monofilament Recycling bins for his Eagle Scout project. As part of his commitment to environmental conservation, he proposed, got approved, and installed monofilament recycling bins at strategic locations within our community.
Monofilament fishing line poses a significant threat to marine life and the overall health of our local ecosystems. To address this issue Ashton placed recycling bins in areas frequented by anglers, providing a convenient and responsible way for them to dispose of used fishing line.

Eagle Scout project

Ashton researched the appropriate disposal methods and believes that the strategically placed recycling bins will contribute to reducing the environmental impact of discarded monofilament. His project aims not only to address a critical ecological concern but also to promote awareness within our community about the importance of responsible fishing practices.

promote awareness within our community
Information on recycling collections: Pure Fishing America (Berkley) accepts monofilament for recycling. Contact Berkley at 1800-BERKLEY or 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, IA 51360-1041. Pure Fishing melts the line down into raw plastic pellets that can be made into other plastic products including tackle boxes, spools for line, fish habitats, and toys. It is not made into more monofilament line.
More information on recycling monofilament
We highly encourage recycling but here are
Other ways to safely dispose of fishing line
Cut into pieces less than 3 inches and dispose in covered trash receptacle
burn in fire
And Always “Get Venom get bit! “

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