“Ron Yurko’s” $100K Finesse Jig

Color: RYBrnHd-BrnHr

“Ron Yurko’S” $100K Finesse Jig

FIVE BASS BOATS, A NEW TRUCK, OVER ONE-MILLION DOLLARS IN CAREER WININGS – AS AN AMATEUR! Ron Yurko Is A Fishing Phenom And The Majority Of His Success Can Be Attributed To Ron’s Little Jig – THE YURKO JIG. Virtually Weedless In All Situations – Its Particularly Suited To Brush And Bush Fishing But Don’t Let That Dissuade You From Using It In All Fishing Applications.  Available In Ron’s Original Sizes; 1/8 & 1/4 Ounce, In Three Fish Catching Colors; Brown – Black – Green Pumpkin These Are The ONLY Finesse Jigs You’ll Ever Need – Or For That Matter, Any Jig You’ll Need For All Jig Fishing Applications.

Ron Recommends The Use Of His “RON YURKO” FINESSE CHUNKS Trailers, They’re Specifically Sized For Use On His Jig.