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NOTE:  Due to the oversize shipping category for rod tubes, you will need to also purchase item #15050 which is a $20 charge.  You may order up to 6 rods for one oversize rod purchase.


WAFT Fishing, the rod making subsidiary of Waft Development Products, is a South African based entity that for the last 30-years has been producing the world’s “toughest of the tough” innovative fishing rods for species specific needs.

WAFT’s casting and spinning lines were setup to service both Domestic as well as OEM needs for several Japanese brands specializing in both fresh and saltwater fisheries rod needs, including; Surf, Cat, Bass and pan fish.

To meet worldwide demand, WAFT has setup a state of the art production facility in Japan which boasts production abilities far beyond those of “other” brand manufacturers. WAFT utilizes the finest materials and boasts that its proprietary innovation in design and production is rivaled by none. What we don’t produce ourselves, we partner with the world’s leading manufacturer of guides and reel seats; Fuji for their unparalleled component quality.

WAFT’S progressive strategy is to stay ahead of the manufacturing curve by continuing to evolve with an active research and development emphasis to insure compliance with our industry commitment to provide our clients (customers) with the best fishing components in the industry.

WHY WAFT? Because we know fishing, we have individual staff members with over 30-years of fresh and saltwater fishing experience. Fishermen who have translated this experience to all stages of the manufacturing process from the tip to the butt, each rod is individually stylized for fit by systemic world’s analytical engineering

We’re angler driven, unlike many “farmed out” products, we are who we say we are WAFT Fishing makers of quality rods using a fair pricing model made possible through innovative design and insistence on a quality product through exclusive technological advances in materials and quality control.


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LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Waft will replace any rod which is deemed to be broken as a result of a defect/s in materials or workmanship with another of the same model and order number.  Should we be out of stock, and you agree, we will ship another in its place, or; you may wait until we receive stock to replace your rod.  Simply ship the rod to the address below, along with a $20 oversize shipping and handling charge.

NO QUESTIONS/HASSLE WARRANTY: Waft will replace any broken rod, for whatever reason for a replacement fee of $50.  Simply return the rod to the address below along with a $20 oversize shipping and handling charge.

FOR QUESTIONS:  740-689-3635