Money Ball Jig Heads

Color: MB-Black

Quit breaking your lures off in the rocks with Venom's New Money Ball Jig Heads.  Have you ever had your Ned Rig get wedged in between rocks and had to break it off?  Have you ever missed a fish because your Ned Rig hook was too small?  We have fixed both of those problems with our revolutionary new jig......The Money Ball!  It's like a Ned Rig on STEROIDS, but with a football head.  Designed to be fished "weedless" without needing a weed guard, we broke out some muscle and incorporated a HEAVY DUTY 3/0 meat hook.  With a unique offset EWG design, most any size and style of bait can be rigged "Texas-Style" with ease.  We recommend our Dream Craw, Better Beaver, Sweet Dreams Creature Bait, Lizards, and Salty Slings just to name a few.  The options are limitless with this new jig!

Quantity: 3 Pack