Slingblade Willow-Spin Gold Blade


Redefines the underspin to a new level.  With a specially designed planner head, positioned rearward, coupled with a unique 28 degree EWG hook and bait screw-lok keeper, this is quite naturally the best running of all the various underspin’s on the market today.  Venom offers this new bait in two blade configurations; our Thump’n Turtle and a standard Willow Leaf.  For the stealth and flash approach, the Willow fits the bill nicely.  Conversely, for the folks and fish that prefer more vibration and flash, then the Turtle Blade will make your rod tip thump.  Use with a myriad combination of baits; Venom’s Buzz Tail Shad, Venom’s Skip Shad, both 4 and 5 inch versions, our Rapid Tail Shad, and that’s not to mention our Producer Smallmouth Grub, Bully Frog and 5” Piggy Grub.