Pond Hopper Package


So you want to try some Venom but you’re not sure what to get?  Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect fishing gift.  Well we’ve taken the guess work out of the scenario and put together the perfect assortment of fish catching gear: The Pond Hopper Package.

Everything you need to get rigged-up and catching bass, all in one hand-picked assortment.  From hooks and soft plastics, to tungsten weights and spinnerbaits, over $60.00 worth of gear for under $50.00! 

Plus a free Venom Lures Boat/Truck Decal with every online order.

Package includes:
1pk Salty Sling Stickbaits
1pk 4” Dream Craws
1pk 4” Salt Series Tubes
1pk Tube Jig Kit w/rattles
1pk Weedless Wacky Hooks
1pk Creature Baits
1ct Spinnerbait
1ct Buzzbait
1pk Tungsten Weights
1ct Slingblade Underspin
1pk 3/0 XXX EWG Flipping Hooks
1pk 5” Piggy Grub (for rigging on the underspin)

Weights, sizes, and colors of baits will be randomly chosen by the hardcore fishermen at the Venom Lures shop.  Get Venom, Get Bit!